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PestSure is a nationwide association of Pest Control Operators (PCOs).


We are designed for PCOs with annual sales of $2 million plus. Click here for a message from Russ Ives.


PestSure Liability Insurance Program:


Each member participates in a group liability insurance program underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company (Rated A).

Old Republic is reinsured by C.P.S. Insurance Co., Ltd domiciled in Bermuda. PestSure members have an option to be stockholders of C.P.S. which is reinsured by Swiss Re Group and Old Republic Insurance Co.


What Makes PestSure Different:


We are the only program completely owned and operated by PCOs for PCOs. We provide the bargaining power of a group, and pool knowledge, loss experience and resourses. Profits are shared with members. Our insurance rates are determined by loss experience.  We have a dedicated claims unit that knows how to handle pest control claims, and a full time loss prevention manager.

Top Ten Reasons PestSure Customers Renew:

10. As a stockholder of PestSure, you share in the profits of the company.

9. PestSure proactively addresses the changes in our industry.

8. We offer personalized, ongoing education at your facility and online.

7. PestSure will help you avoid claims by showing you how to prevent them.

6. PestSure customers have access to an open forum with leaders in the industry.

5. You have more time to grow your business rather than worry about insurance.

4. We reliably pay claims.

3. PestSure's rates are stable, allowing business owners to budget with certainty.

2. There are no surprises at renewal.

1. We'll make renewal so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!